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Project Overview

Society for the Welfare of the Intellectually Disabled (SWID), is a Bangladesh-based nonprofit organization who promotes education among autistic. SWID Jhenaidah branch runs a school for the autistic - named "School for the Autistic, Jhenaidah". The school aims to help these students to get some basic education according to their capability, and and the long term goal is to help them become self-reliant in the society.

The school assures the following services for the students: 

  • Psychotherapy
  • Teaching Singing, Dancing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Teaching Reciting, Drawing
  • Teaching Sign Language
  • Teaching Acting
  • Students and Parents Councelling
  • Sports
  • Teaching day-to-day manners 
  • Participating in creative works

The school has a big dream, but is struggling for financial support to accomplish her dream. Hridoya Bangladesh has partnered with the school to materialize this dream. Let us all come forward to make school's effort successful.

Present Status 

This school is registered with Social Welfare Ministry and the registration number is dha 0691/78. (Note: ‘dha’ (ঢ) as in Dhaka). 

The e-mail address of the school is

Total Students


Total Teachers


Total Education Assistants


Aya (Lady Office Assistant)


Van Pooler


The school is totally dependent on donation. The school needs at least Tk. 33,500 in each month. Here are the expenses:




Payment for 4 Teachers

3,000 X 4


Payment for 4 Education Assistants

2,500 X4


Payment for Aya



Van Pooler



Tiffin for 31 Students (Tk. 3/per day for each students)

3 X 31 X 25


Stationary (Papers, therapy items etc.)




The school is passing through tough financial crisis. Now it is paying only Tk. 3,000/month to each teacher which is way too low. Similar for payment of Education Assistants. For student’s tiffin, it is spending only Tk. 3/per student in a day which is almost nothing and in this age, you hardly can buy anything by Tk. 3. The school doesn’t have enough therapy instruments for the students which is very essential for autistic kids.

The school needs money for:
-    Buying therapy instruments.
-    Increasing payment of Teachers and Education Assistants.
-    Buying its own van.
-    Buying own land for school compound. Currently the school is located at 1st Floor of its General Secretary’s home. (School doesn’t need to pay for rent. This is donation from General Secretary).  But the main problem at this place is that there is no play ground for the students which is very necessary for autistic kids.)

Some Achievements of this school:
-    In last Autistic School Inter Division Competition, one student achieved second position in dancing, one student hold third position in poetry reciting and one student hold third position in singing.
-    8 students attended in National Scout Agonary (for autistic kids) and each of them was rewarded medal. 

School Executive Committee:
Chair Person:     Professor Aminur Rahman Tuku
        Principal, Narikel Baria College, Jhenaidah Sadar.

Assistant Chair Persons:
1.    Moniruzzaman Joardar
Superintendant at AG office, Jhenaidah

2.    Babu Manoranjan Kumar
Ex District Information Officer, Jhenaidah

General Secretary:
        Dr. Munshi Md. Reza Sekender
        UHFPO, Shailkupa, Jhenaidah

Joint Secretary:
        Advocate Gautam Kumar Biswash
        Advocate Judge Court, Jhenaidah

Press & Administrative Secretary:
        Md. Ali Joardar
        Ex. Postal Inspector, Jhenaidah 

        Md. Mofizul Islam
        Businessman & Social Worker

Welfare Secretary:
        Mst. Monira Khatun
        Social Worker

General members:
    8 Social Workers of Jhenaidah

How Can You Contribute

Please send your contribution via


Please mention "School for the Autistic"  on PayPal Donation Item Description.

OR write a Check to:
Hridoya Bangladesh
, 112 Sebastians Run, Austin, TX 78738, USA.       

Note: Hridoya Bangladesh has received tax-exempt status. Therefore, you can file for tax benefit from the next fiscal year.

For Further Information

Please send email to M.M. Zulfiqer Sekender.
You can also send email to

If you have a suggestion on how we should run our initiatives, we are very interested to hear that. Your Comments.